Check out the best rivalry among India-Australia and Pakistan-Bangladesh!

India-Australia vs Pakistan-Bangladesh: Which Is The Best Rivalry?

International cricket has witnessed some big rivalries since history. There are many strong and good teams in the world, who have given tough competitions to each other. Some rivalries have been continuing since its origins like India-Pakistan, West Indies – England, Australia – England, and many more. But there are few rivalries that are there for ages and have some historic influence too. India-Australia and Pakistan-Bangladesh are the two rivalries who are often taken the name of. The teams of India, Australia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are really strong and are often seen holding the top ranks on the scoreboards. The India-Australia and Pakistan-Bangladesh have been there for ages now.

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The rivalry between India and Australia is since the first day they ever encountered each other. If any other thrilling and important match for India is, then it is with Australia. Both the teams have got some powerful sets of players. When Australia is the team with the highest ICC World Cup wins of five times, India has got only two. It is very interesting to watch the rivalries together on the field.

On the other hand, Pakistan-Bangladesh has got a huge historic influence. It is since when the two nations got separated after the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The rivalry is seen quite often on the field. They had given each other head-to-head competition at the international tournaments. Pakistan has only one ICC World cup trophy from 1992, but Bangladesh has none. But Bangladesh has qualified for the quarter-final round a lot of time.

Which is the best rivalry as per you? India-Australia or Pakistan-Bangladesh? Comment down below!

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