Check out the best rivalry moments between the two strong cricket teams - India and South Africa.

India vs South Africa: The Best Rivalry Moments

There are several rivalries in the history of international cricket. There have been many such rivalries of India too like Pakistan, Australia, and England. There is one more rivalry of the Indian cricket squad. It’s none other than South Africa who has given India a tough competition at the international level. The India vs South Africa match has always been exciting for the fans. The cricket fans love watching the rivalries on the field.

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The face-offs between Indian and South African cricket teams have always been really worth watching. Two of the teams have got a good set of players. India has two World Cup wins in their hands, whereas South Africa has none. But that doesn’t make the South African cricket team weak. They have reached the quarter and semifinals several times. The rivalry clash started in 1992 when South Africans entered the World Cup. They are the topmost supported teams of all time. Be it a One Day International (ODI) match, or Test or Twenty20 Internationals, the two teams have encountered each other amazingly. ICC World Cup 2019, was given an opportunity to both the teams, to prove themselves. Both Indian and South African cricket teams are great with their strategies.

There have been many rivalry moments between the two teams. Seeing India and South Africa play and encounter each other is something full of thrill. The cricket fans all over the world, including Indians and South Africans, love seeing them clashing on the field.

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