You need to tell us who is the fittest cricketer between KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja.

KL Rahul Vs Hardik Pandya Vs Ravindra Jadeja: The Fittest Cricket Star?

KL Rahul the magnificent cricketer of Team India holds the batting order of the team with his wonderful batting display. As an opener, he gives the formidable start to the innings. His great fitness levels help him in keeping the scoring rate high. He can be a massive hitter and at the same time, when time demands, can be on the defensive and play long and careful innings too. He is quite a fit cricketer and loves playing for a longer time on the field.

Hardik Pandya is the sheer power-hitter and can take the ball out of the park with his dynamic batting display. He is young, very fit and has the ability to stay on the playing ground for long with his batting as well as bowling display.

Ravindra Jadeja the energetic cricketer is a great asset to the team. He is a fabulous hitter of the cricket ball and can win matches with his bowling display. A great allrounder, Jadeja works a lot on the fitness ability that holds him in good stead.

So according to you, who is the fittest cricketer?

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