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Who do you feel is the best wicket-keeper batsman in IPL? KL or Pant.

KL Rahul vs Rishabh Pant: The Best IPL Wicket Keeper Batsman

KL Rahul is seen as the next big thing in Indian cricket. He is already one of the most sought after batsmen in the country and a great wicket-keeper as well. KL Rahul’s contribution to IPL is exceptional and he is doing the same in international cricket. KL Rahul is can strike really well in any circumstance and is great behind the stumps. He is always aware and takes perfect decisions as a keeper. His stumping speed reminds of captain cool. He is certainly an amazing wicket-keeper batsman.

On the contrary, we have Rishabh Pant, who plays for the Indian cricket team as well as Delhi Capitals in IPL. The expertise that the IPL demands and the skill set that Rishabh Pant posses are absolutely in synchronization. He is a ferocious hitter of the cricket ball wide a wide array of shots and can clear the boundary ropes with ridiculous ease. Pant has some great keeping skills and thus he s an important player for Delhi Capitals. His IPL statistics clearly show how he has single-handedly helped the team in difficult times.

Both these talented cricketers are well deserving and we are unable to pick the best one. Who do you think is the best IPL wicket-keeper batsman?

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