Check out the reasons and know what makes Sourav Ganguly the best BCCI President!

Know Why Sourav Ganguly Is The Best BCCI President

Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricketer, and the captain is currently appointed as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It was 23rd October 2019 when Sourav Ganguly, also affectionately known as ‘Dada’, was appointed as the president of the board. Sourav has led the Indian cricket team well in the past. He has also been a great cricketer in his days on the field. But, after getting appointed to the President of BCCI, he has got a bigger responsibility. The future of cricket in India is in his hands.

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Many have criticized Sourav Ganguly as a BCCI president, and some have appreciated his capabilities. So far, Ganguly is leading the board well with proper measures. Some have claimed him to be the best BCCI president so far. But what exactly makes him the best BCCI president? Have a look!

1: Sourav Ganguly has himself suffered from politics during his tenure as a player back then. Thus, he knows how it can affect a player’s career. Plus, ‘Dada’ has got no political favor, thus it is said that the Indian cricket fans and aspiring cricketers can expect a fair and transparent system of selection and opportunities.

2: ‘Dada’ has a great experience in the field and thus, he knows what exactly the players want. He is quite aware of the position of India at the international level when it comes to cricket. Thus, many expect him to work on the improvement of infrastructure, as Sourav knows it better.

3: Sourav is a great leader for no doubt, and his captaincy on the field proved it well. He has also 5 years of experience in leading the CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) as its president. His leadership qualities are surely going to lead the board and the Indian cricket team well, as a BCCI President.

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