Yuvraj Singh is a popular cricketer who has contributed to the history of cricket. His amazing performance on the field has earned him a lot of name, fame, and respect. There are many fans of Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni, and Virat Kohli, but no one can deny Yuvraj Singh’s exceptional contribution to the Indian cricket team. He has made the country feel proud of him with his amazing performance. And time and again, fans make reels and videos of his achievements. Here is another fan edit that grabbed Yuvraj Sing’s attention.

Yuvraj Singh got impressed and emotional watching the latest fan edit. The reel video features him from childhood to till today and his achievements throughout his career. An Instagram account named @gemsofcricket created the amazing edit. The star captioned this post, “Thanks for this lovely edit @gemsofcricket.” The video features Yuvraj Singh from his childhood.

The video answered some important questions.

1. Do people love me?

“You have no idea how much.”

2. Have I made anyone proud?

And the answer is, “Yes, you have made the whole country proud. ”

3. If in childhood Yuvraj had a conversation with his future self; Have I become a cricketer?


4. Have I made any records?

“Fans still have goosebumps remembering them.”

5. Am I a fighter?

“Yes, one of the best cricket has ever seen.”

6. Do I pay respect to God?

“Yes, at every chance you get.”

7. Have I found love for the family?


8. Have I made any friends?

“Yes, plenty.”

Yuvraj Singh loved this beautiful fan edit of himself that featured all the things he felt and came across. He is a legend who will forever be a favorite.

View Instagram Post 1: Oh Wow: Yuvraj Singh Gets A Lovely Fan Edit; Watch

Read out the comments under Yuvraj Singh’s post.

A user wrote, “This is beautiful Yuvi Paa .” “Uhh made entire country proud twice….U deserve every bit of respect ….,” said the other person in the comments. Irfan Pathan said, “Best in the world .” While Ashish Chowdhry wrote, “Goosebumps!!!.”

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