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Hardik Pandya and his momentous 3 balls 3 wickets against Bangladesh.

Revisiting The Moment When Hardik Pandya Took 3 Wickets In 3 Balls

The T20 World Cup 2016 match between India and Bangladesh was a do-or-die situation wherein India had to win the Super 10’s Group 2 match.

This match was the best in terms of records and is still remembered for the enormous twists it brought. And the tale-turner for India was Hardik Pandya and his last over heroics!!

OMG!! Who can forget the decisive three balls and three wickets that came from Hardik?

We take you to exactly what happened.

Mushfiqur Rahman and Mahmudullah had the match in their hands. They needed 11 runs from the last over from Hardik Pandya. And all was good for Bangladesh when Rahim hit two back-to-back boundaries and the target now was reduced to 2 runs to get in the last three balls. Well, everyone would have placed their money on Bangladesh here, but Hardik Pandya brought home the glory for India.

Rahim wanted to finish it off in style by hitting over the fence. But he was caught at deep by Shikhar Dhawan. In the next delivery, Mahmadullah repeated the same mistake of going in the air and misjudged a full toss which was held by Ravindra Jadeja at mid-wicket.

Oh well, Bangladesh needed two runs off the last ball. Hardik bowled a wide ball outside the off-stump and the batsman’s swing at it was missed, and they attempted a bye out of it. Dhoni ran towards the stumps and hit the bails on time, which gave India a stunning win over the Bangladeshi team.

A huge moment for Team India and for Hardik Pandya, this!!

Check it out!!


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