Check out who among Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh is the best left-handed batsman in India!

Sourav Ganguly Vs Yuvraj Singh – Who Is India’s Best Ever Left-Handed Batsman?

Indian cricket has produced many great players over the ages. The Indian national cricket team has got a good number of batsmen over the ages. Some were good with their right-handed skills, and some showed off their power with their left-handed batting. All of them have left a fine impression on the history of cricket. Cricketers like Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh were regarded to be one of the best left-handed batsmen of all time in India.

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Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricketer, and the captain has got his name imprinted in the history of cricket. He has made everyone’s jaw drop with his strategies as a captain, and his powerful knocks in the international matches. He was mostly seen playing in both top and middle-order. He was a great left-handed batsman but he was initially a right-handed batsman. The left-hander held the record of the highest individual score as a left-handed batsman in both the Test, ODI series. He also made the highest individual score in the ICC World Cup of 183 runs.

Whereas, another former Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh was great with his left-handed batting skills too, like Sourav Ganguly. He was a destructive left-handed batsman who held many unbelievable records. He was one of the finest batsmen to score a high run rate with his destructive batting. Yuvraj was the perfect left-handed batsman to make the team win in the One Day Internationals (ODIs). Also, he is the first batsman to score the highest runs of six consecutive sixes in a single over at Stuart Broad.

Who among the two players do you think is the best left-handed Indian batsman? Sourav Ganguly or Yuvraj Singh? Let us know in the comment section.