Yuvraj Singh prioritized his country over his deteriorating health…

Yuvraj Singh: The man who chose India over his health

Yuvraj Singh is one of the best cricketers to have played for the Indian Cricket Team. The left-hander made a name for himself due to his ability to hit big sixes and scoring quick hundreds. He also gained the reputation of being a match-winner for India, an ability he displayed in the 2011 World Cup. India was delighted with his performance. However, what no one knew was that Yuvi’s health was deteriorating. He would often experience bouts of breathlessness, spit out gouts of blood, and experience a tremendous decline in stamina. A trip to the doctor confirmed Yuvi’s worst fears.

In an interview, Yuvraj Singh said, “I always wanted a World Cup hundred, which never happened because I had batted at 6. I prayed to God that whatever happens, even if I die afterwards, let India win the World Cup.” Yuvraj was more concerned about India winning the world cup over his health. His dedication and love for his country made him the greatest cricketer ever.

We miss seeing Yuvraj Singh on the crease and are really proud of him!

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