Searching for ways of getting more out of WhatsApp on your Android telephone or iPhone? We have you covered. For instance, carrying out right presently is another setting that will consequently get out your messages following seven days. It’s a Snapchat-like component, sure, yet who says that is not wanted in other applications? You might arrange the message you send in a message, adding a style to a generally exhausting discussion.

Or then again what about utilizing WhatsApp on your PC – – indeed, it’s conceivable. It’s additionally simple to set up and utilize. Beneath, you’ll track down tips on a wide range of stowed away highlights and deceives in WhatsApp.

Making messages disappear. Once this new feature is activated a user can notice that all their messages from a chat disappear after 7 days from the conversation.

Do you ever wonder who the most talked person is on your WhatsApp contact list? Use this feature to know-how. Go to settings then go to storage and data and then go to manage storage, a list of contacts will pop up.

Hiding your last seen status. You can simply go to settings then to account and privacy. This shall give you the option of disabling your last seen status.

Star mark the messages to quickly access later. By long-pressing on a message, you can star mark an important message and then later find it in starred conversations.

Disable read receipts. If you do not want people to know whether you have read their messages or not, this is the best feature and you make the best of it.

You don’t necessarily save all the photos and videos from a WhatsApp chat to your gallery. Simply go to settings; chats; turn off media visibility.

If you are irritated by a chatty group or a person and don’t want notifications from that particular group, you may simply mute the conversation by long pressing on the chat.

To view the details of a message long click on a message and click on the i icon on the top of your screen to know the details.