Can WhatsApp monitor your messages? Details Below

A message circulating on the internet says that the Indian government would monitor WhatsApp discussions and take action against users. Be warned if you also received the message. It’s a false message. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check verified the message, which revealed it to be false.

The aforementioned communication further claims that the government has made rules regarding the matter. PIB Fact Check confirms in its tweet that no such policy has been made public.

“A message circulating on social media claims the Government of India has released a new #WhatsApp guideline to monitor chats and take action against people #PIBFactCheck : This message is #FAKE; The Government has released no such guideline,” The tweet reads.

Currently, WhatsApp displays a single tick for a message that has been sent, a double tick for one that has been delivered, and a blue double tick for one that has been read. The user has the option to disable the final one.

It’s interesting how the fake circulation correlates some random acts with the message’s tick count. For instance, it claims that a WhatsApp message with three blue ticks indicates that the government has read the communication. If there are two Blue and one Red ticks, the government may take legal action against you. The government may be checking your data if there are one or two Red or Blue ticks. And the three red ticks indicate that the government has started taking action, in which case you will be issued a court summons. Please be aware that everything here is a hoax, a lie, an untruth, and very funny. Avoid believing such messages. Additionally, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, asserts that messages are end-to-end encrypted and inaccessible to anyone, not even WhatsApp.

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