Three new features are now available on WhatsApp, giving users access to a platform that is more concerned about their privacy. You may now secretly leave a group on the messaging app, which is a helpful tool that will enable you to leave the family or any other bothersome group that you don’t want to be a part of. Further enhancing user privacy, WhatsApp is integrating screenshot blocking for View Once communications. But one of the most noteworthy additions is the capacity to conceal your internet presence.

You did read that correctly. People have had the ability to hide their Status, Profile Picture, and Last Seen on WhatsApp for years, but there has never been a way to hide your Online Status. If you are unaware, whenever you launch the messaging app, WhatsApp shows an “Online” icon on the top of each chat to indicate whether the other person is online or not. You may now hide whether you are online or offline, thanks to the advent of the new capability. Now you can use WhatsApp without letting anyone know whether you are online or offline, ignoring some of your bothersome pals or anyone else.

According to the business, customers who want to maintain a private online presence can now use this tool. The capability will begin going out to all users this month, according to WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, it’s rather simple to hide your online status. Simply launch WhatsApp and navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy. The “Last seen and online” option can be found here at the top of the screen. To use the feature, you simply need to tap on that.

In the Last Seen area, there are four options that are self-explanatory. These are Nobody, My Contacts, My Contacts except, Everyone, and My Contacts. There are two choices in the “Online Status” section: Everyone and Same as Last Seen. Therefore, you must choose “Nobody” in the Last Seen area and “Same as last seen” in the Online Status section if you want your online status to be visible to everyone.

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