WhatsApp is always adding new features and updates to keep the instant messaging platform current with the newest trends and tools. has been steadily improving its user interface in order to provide the greatest possible experience. The platform has already undergone multiple updates to make communication more fluid on a global scale. The Group Chat section of WhatsApp provides a lot of features, including the ability to join a group via links, which makes you a member instantaneously and without any effort.

However, using a sharable link to invite or join a group has its own privacy and security drawbacks. While the link is adaptable, it might fall into the wrong hands and expose you to security risks. The Meta-owned platform will unveil a new feature dubbed ‘Admin Approval’ to remedy this and keep the shareable link feature for joining WhatsApp groups flexible while also removing the security hazard notice.

The new functionality will provide group managers with more control over who can join the group. When activated, the new feature in the next WhatsApp version will allow group managers the ability to accept or deny requests from those who wish to join the group chat via a link. Once the capability is live on WhatsApp, you’ll need to manually turn on the ‘Admin Approval’ feature to offer an extra degree of security.

The app’s earlier updates, which improved the group video call capability, were as follows. Muting Others On Group Voice Calls – Users can mute others on a group voice calls with this capability. update. When a call is interrupted by background noise, this can be useful. Another improvement is the ability to communicate with other participants during group calls. Now, if users wish to send a message to another individual, they may do so while still participating in the group call.

Source : Economic Times