Shilpa Shetty was very excited to have Madhuri Dixit on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3

I have been a big fan of Madhuri Dixit: Shilpa Shetty

Madhuri Dixit, the dancing diva has been admired by all, so it was no surprise when Shilpa Shetty was very excited to have her on the sets of Super Dancer Chapter 3 on Sony TV.

Apparently, Shilpa Shetty has been a huge fan of Madhuri ever since she had watched Tezaab and wanted to dance and be like her. Shilpa, who is known for her dancing skills got cold feet when her co-judges suggested that she should dance with Madhuri.

Shilpa revealed that she and Shamita were obsessed with Madhuri. Just like other girls, both the sisters were fond of Madhuri’s dance especially the Ek Do Teen number. They used to watch the dance number on video cassette and played it in loop to learn the dance steps. Shilpa further added that she has done lot of shows and even danced with Prabhudeva but to dance with Madhuri on her songs in front of her is too much pressure.

Shilpa Shetty said, “I love watching Madhuri ji. I have been a big fan of Madhuri Dixit since Tezaab had released. Shamita and I bought the video cassette of the movie and watched the Ek Do Teen dance over and over again to learn the steps. Learning the dance was so difficult especially when it was performed so beautifully by Madhuri. Somewhere subconsciously I always had this thought… when I became an actor, and if people remembered me as a dancer like Madhuri Ji it would be great compliment for me. I think somewhere people did started appreciating my dancing. But Madhuri ji’s grace, the moves, the style and her smile, I was and still am a big fan.”

The actresses danced together on each other’s famous hit songs, ‘Ghagra’ and ‘Main Aai Hoon U.P. Bihar Lootne.’ Shilpa had her fan girl moment and found it very surreal to match steps with Madhuri. Shilpa got very emotional and could not hold her tears when Madhuri complimented on her dance skills. Shilpa was overwhelmed with the response she received and was elated to share the platform with Madhuri.

Complimenting Shilpa, Madhuri Dixit added, “When I get love from people, I really feel good. She dances really well. The way she moves her waist is amazing and I love watching her dance too.”

After hearing such kind words from Madhuri, Shilpa got teary eyed and said, “Just to hear this from Madhuri Ji is a huge achievement. I feel like I’ve finally achieved something in life. We have to work so hard, moving our entire body but you are somebody who justifies songs with just your expressions and you don’t even need to dance. That’s the kind of iconic status you have.”

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