After 13 years in business, my work speaks for itself: Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh talks on social media, Naamkarann and more…

After 13 years in business, my work speaks for itself: Sayantani Ghosh

Today, social media has become important for most of our telly-landers. The beautiful and talented Sayantani Ghosh, who has just wrapped up her Naamkarann stint, is no different.

“I am very active on Twitter and Instagram, and not so much on Facebook. One of the best things about SM is that it allows direct communication with my fans, and vice versa. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of traction that my last day of shooting Naamkarann generated.”

We then shift attention to her recent social media posts regarding Bigg Boss 11. Some people might say that you were trying to get your 15 seconds of fame, we ask… “After 13 years in the business, my work speaks for itself. I am not commenting on others, but I don’t say stuff about others, just for my benefit”, says Sayantani, who has done shows like Ghar Ek Sapnaa, Naagin, Mahabharat, Santoshi Maa, etc.

“Being an ex-Bigg Boss inmate myself, I felt the need to expresses myself regarding Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and the other contestants. If I liked a particular contestant, I said so. As a woman, certain things made me happy, while others did not.”

“I am always quite vocal about my feelings on SM, commenting on other topics, including current affairs.  Many a times, Twitter becomes my digital diary, where I pen my feelings on the go. It also allows us to stay in touch with friends and colleagues. But yes, sometimes too much proximity can become toxic as well.”

How do you deal with abuse that seems to come with the territory? “Most of the time, I either block such trolls or ignore them. You can’t engage with everyone. Having said that, sometimes I do give back when needed.”

Sayantani does not mind constructive criticism. “It gets us down to Terra Firma. I am also okay with you not liking me; you can’t please everyone. But I draw the line when people get downright obscene, target my family or resort to character or body shaming, as in the case of others.”

In closing, Sayantani sets the cat among the pigeons, when we ask her about reports suggesting Naamkarann going off air? This news had upset fans of the show on SM. “I don’t know and I really don’t want to comment, as these things are beyond our place as actors. I enjoyed my stint, evolving as a person and as an actor, while doing this great character of Neela.”

Wish you more success, Sayantani.

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