Ishita Ganguly talks about her two show Shrimad Bhagavad and Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha

Enchanting beauty Ishita Ganguly has been busy juggling between Shrimad Bhagavat and Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha at the moment, but she has no complaints whatsoever. In fact, she is happy and content about her progress as an actor in all these years.

Talking about juggling between two shows, she shares, “I am shooting for both the shows at the same time, but I am happy about it. I am glad that both my show teams and producers are co-operative and supportive. Initially, I thought of only concentrating on one show but with the support of the team I am able to focus on both. I am thankful to God for the same. I believe this year has been a fruitful year for me as I have worked on some of the best shows and also completed shooting for a Bollywood feature film. I feel this year is the best part of my life”

Ishita feels her show Vikram Betaal is a family entertainer series. “We all have heard and watched stories about Vikram Betaal in our childhood. However, this show is different as it showcases Vikram’s life and also his love story with Queen Padmini. We are sure audience will not be bored with this series as we are not showing the same content like a daily soap. It is a complete family show which will be loved by all generations.”

“I took up this show only on the basis of the brief of my character and the show. I really liked the entire feel of the show and especially the look of Queen Padmini. I am thankful to Peninsula Pictures and Producers Alind and Nissar. It was a sudden decision to take up the series; hence I did not get much time to prepare for the character. However, the makers knew that I know horse riding and action sequences, as I have been part of a lot of historical as well as mytho shows. Getting into a new character was challenging but after going into the skin of the roles was an easy task.”

When asked has she become a pro in historical and mytho genre, she avers, “I am not a pro but I am well versed with this genre. I personally like doing these kind shows as I get to explore another side of myself. I am still in the learning process, so won’t call myself an expert.”

Good luck, Ishita!

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