Candid chat with Sayantani Ghosh

I am still a part of Karn Sangini: Sayantani Ghosh

Just last night, we had written about major story changes in the STAR Plus mytho fiction show, Karn Sangini. The story, going forward, will now focus on Karn’s (Aashim Gulati) relationship with Urvi (Tejasswi Prakash) and his family, over the Hastinapur track, due to low TRPs that have plagued this Shashi Sumeet Production since it started a few weeks back. Accordingly, newer actors, i.e. Narayani Shastri and Smita Singh have been brought in. We have not seen Sayantani Ghosh, who plays Kunti, for a while now. It was speculated that she and a few other actors might have been taken out of the equation.

However, today we spoke to Sayantani, who said that she is still part of the show. “The creatives have been very transparent and we were told very clearly that we will not be seen much in the month of December, for they are trying out new concepts to save the show. I am sure that once things stabilize, my character will be brought back, as Kunti is a very pivotal part of our story, being Karn’s biological mother.”

We hear that the creatives are planning to add saas elements to the narrative as well?

“Being part of the industry for years, I know that at the end of the day only numbers count, and if the show only does not survive, how can our character/track have any separate relevance? The makers will obviously do what it takes. No wonder, Narayani replaced someone else as Karn’s foster mother, as they want to play with his family life.”

In closing, we ask her what might have gone wrong? “Well, while it is very difficult to really pinpoint it, I think our different interpretation (the show is based on Kavita Kane’s novel, Karna’s Wife) of the Mahabharata as we know it did not wash down well with the audiences, who are emotionally attached to the traditional version of India’s greatest epic. The creatives were always aware of this pitfall. Fingers crossed; hope the new track works, for every show has a lot of people’s interest riding on it.”

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