Yash is again happy, for the story has come back to the original father-son clash

Yash Tonk is happy to stay on in Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop

The set of Colors’ show, Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop, till a while back was full of unhappy artists, couple of whom have even quit the show; for example, Chandni Bhagwanani, who had quoted to IWM that she did not want to be wasted as an actor.

The primary reason was that since the marriage of the lead characters, Roop (Shashank Vyaas) and Ishika (Donal Bisht), the emphasis had shifted away from the Vaghela household to the new husband-wife equation. The love triangle track between Roop, Ishika and Palak (Chandni) also never took off.

One big name who was quite vocal about his feelings back then was Yash Tonk, who essayed Roop’s ultra-orthodox father, Shamsher. He had even served notice, being unhappy with his character getting side-lined. Sources add that another major reason for Yash’s unhappiness was that the changed story meant that his blocked dates were getting wasted.

But as it often happens in TV, decisions do change at the eleventh hour. Now Yash is again happy, for the story has come back to the original father-son clash, which obviously consumes more dates. On his wanting to quit, Yash says, “While I understand that the channel and production house have the full right to change the story, back then I did feel upset and voiced my concerns to the production house. But now, things are back to an even keel.”

Here Yash added, “One reason for signing up for this Rashmi Sharma Telefilms production was that I was getting a very juicy principal character. You might not agree with Shamsher’s parochial world view, but there are people like him around. I am happy to again be a part of this very relevant modern vs traditional generation clash.”  Sources further added that the dissent among most other artists has also dissipated with tracks of the supporting Vaghela family characters also opening up. Some actors back then had also wanted to quit over fears about the show’s future. But it soon became clear that Roop is here to stay for now. The old logic of playing safe, rather than risking being part of other projects which might shut shop within two or three months, reigns supreme, ended our trusted khabri.

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