Doing television requires great hard work: Paresh Ganatra

Candid chat with Paresh Ganatra

Doing television requires great hard work: Paresh Ganatra

Talented actor Paresh Ganatra, who has enthralled audience with his comedy stint in shows like Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, Chidiya Ghar and Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, will soon be back with SAB TV’s show Bhakharwadi.

Talking about Bhakharwadi and his character in the show, he shares, “The basic concept of this show is that there is a Marathi family that believes in certain principles and doesn’t change according to time. On the other hand, there is a Gujarati family that believes in modernization and progressive thinking. So, it’s mainly about two families with different ideologies and the subsequent circumstances. My character Mahendra Thakkar is a modern Gujarati man who is very jolly. In this show, we don’t portray him as a stereotypical Gujarati that is usually presented on television; we are trying to keep it more relatable. I have done Gujarati characters a lot of times. Aatish has given different shades to my character in Bhakharwadi and the viewers are going to enjoy watch it as I am enjoying doing it.”

Paresh believes that audience will love the show Bhakharwadi. “I think the audience is going to love the emotions that are associated with this show because it is a slice of life series. The show does not have forced slapstick comedy but it will bring a smile to your face; suddenly you would also feel emotional. This bag of emotions is what we want to give to the audience along with unlimited entertainment. Also, viewers will enjoy because of the relatability of this show. So, I am sure that once the audience starts watching us, they are going to miss us on the weekends.”

Commenting on the working experience for Bhakharwadi, he adds, “I can sum it up in one word – unforgettable! I enjoy it the most if I go on the set and see people cheerful and laughing. So, I always make it a point to remain happy and smiling while I am on the set as I hate negative people. While we were shooting for Baa Bahu aur Baby, we used to wait for the time when we have to go on the set and shoot. Even if it was an off and we were with our families, we missed our other family.  And although it has been less than a month since we started shooting, this is the same case with Bhakharwadi. This positive feeling also impacts everyone’s performances and will be seen on television as well.”

Paresh feels there is a difference between doing films and television shows. “Doing television requires great hard work. Films get completed in 30-45 days and hence, the remuneration is different, depending on the days you have worked for. Another difference is that in the case of television, you are going into people’s houses without any money. Whereas, for films, they have to pay and come to watch it. When you do television, which is a lot of hard work, and your character gets successful, you get that creative satisfaction. However, talking about advantages of both the mediums, people will remember you for your character irrespective of the medium, if you have done justice to it. Also, the lives of people associated with making a television show are more dependent on its success than of those working for a film. Thus, I can be fine with my film not doing well but I would desperately want my shows to work out. So, both mediums have their advantages and disadvantages.”

When asked about his preference of real life- nuclear family or a joint family, he avers, “Everyone has their opinion whether joint family is better or a nuclear one. Until now, I have stayed in a joint family. We get very busy in our life and we don’t usually have time to impart family values to our children. So, having my parents stay with us, this happened and we didn’t even realise how our kids grew up. Today if people appreciate my kids and their upbringing, I would give credit to the joint family system for us. However, there are also some advantages of a nuclear family in the sense that you get your desired freedom and space. Ultimately it depends person to person what they prefer, but for me and my family, we prefer a joint family.”

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