Talented and experienced actor, Aamir Dalvi, who plays the negative role of Zafar in SAB TV fantasy, Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga, is happy with the new phase of the show.

He says, “The new phase after leap is exciting as we all have got a new look and new costume in season 2. I would also say that the story and the interesting twists and turns in the storyline is exciting and we are sure fans are loving it.”

Aamir has been part of the show since the beginning. Talking about his overall experience, he adds, “The experience so far has been very pleasant. I would count this as one of the best roles so far in my 20 years of career span. I have enjoyed this role thoroughly since day 1 to date. I have enjoyed playing the character of Zafar and I am really overwhelmed with the love the audience has shown towards the character, even after it being a negative one.”

On an end note, Aamir believes that he has been living the character of Zafar for the past 2 years. “Zafar is too taxing on the mind and heart too. It is not an easy process to be in the character of Zafar and portray it. It has been very difficult, the initial years were tough. I would say that it has not been an easy ride to play Zafar. Mentally, it takes a toll on me. I do it for 20 days in a month so I hardly get to unwind myself and come out of the character. I am living him for the past 2 years of the show.”

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