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IWMBuzz shows you its interaction with TV actress Kanika Mann. Read the conversation below for more details

I always knew Mumbai is going to be difficult – Kanika Mann

Kanika Mann is truly one of Indian Television’s most popular actresses. Her character of Guddan from ZEE TV’s superhit show ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’ is extremely popular and she has certainly managed to earn a legion of fans for herself courtesy her impeccable performance and superb on-screen chemistry with Nishant Malkani. IWMBuzz spoke to Kanika and had an interesting conversation. Read to know more –

Kanika, tell us a bit about your childhood memories?

Oh, I can keep saying on and on about my childhood. I was extremely notorious and you should, in fact, ask me what I have not done. I have done all sorts of things like changing my marks to avoid scolding. Apart from that, I used to be a part of everything where something or the other was wrong. I was that student during my childhood days. I can’t even think of counting how many times I have been scolded by mom for all these. But yes, everything made my childhood memorable.

You come from Haryana in the industry as an outsider it is always difficult. Did you find it difficult to convince people around you?

Well, I always knew Mumbai and the industry is going to be tough. Everyone around me made me weary about it but to be honest, I just followed my heart. Today, my parents are at least happy with what I am doing and that’s what gives me happiness. Some relatives still complain but that’s okay anyway (Chuckles)


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What about male attention in high school? Did that come a lot?

(Laughs) Hahaha yes, it did but also I was someone who would want it myself. I used to think that what’s my point of even going to school if a few men are not after me? (Laughs) But often in school, it is like you get approached by whom you don’t want and the person you want doesn’t approach you. That’s the case with everyone I guess.

Lastly, a message for all your fans and viewers?

Keep showing the love you shower upon us always. Take care, stay safe and God bless us all, and may God save us from this pandemic soon. Stay positive.


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