Real life couple Aniruddh Dave and Shubhi Ahuja are sharing screen space with each other in the popular show YARO Ka Tashan.

The couple met on the set of TV soap Bandhan and then eventually got married. Speaking on that Aniruddh says,”Shubhi is very choosy when it comes to her work and was not in a hurry. Sometime I have to push her a lot because I know she is talented.”

Apparently Aniruddh was not aware of Shubhi’s getting the role in YARO Ka Tashan. As he adds,”When Shubhi came to the set for mock shoots I got to know as the cast and crew were talking about her to me. Both of us are very happy and excited to share the screen with each other. It is indeed a special feeling. Both of our parents are also happy. In fact my mother is here with me and she is also very happy. But professionally I am not at all conscious. We both are individuals on the set.”

Probably Aniruddh and Shubhi one of the first couples in the industry who are playing each other’s love interest after getting married in real life. For the fans of YARO Ka Tashan this will be indeed an interesting watch when a human being will be in love with a robot.