Balika Vadhu actress Sheetal Khandal talks about Colors show Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhaan Khan

Arhaan Khan appears fake in Bigg Boss 13: Sheetal Khandal

Balika Vadhu gal Sheetal Khandal, who was recently in the news regarding her coming clean about Bigg Boss 13 contestant Siddharth Shukla’s unwelcome sexual advances during their stint in the above Colors social show, has always claimed that she was not supporting Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan, as some on social media had alleged.

Today, she proved the same by questioning Arhaan’s behavior in the Bigg Boss house ever since he has returned as a wild card.

“At first I liked him as a viewer, for he appeared a decent guy playing a genuine game when he took on Asim Riaz. But his actions on his return have now made me second guess my support; he seems very fake.”

Explaining her shift, Sheetal says, “Bigg Boss host Salman Khan talking about his secret marriage and fatherhood came as a shocker to all, though from Rashami’s reaction, it appeared that she was aware of his past marriage, but not of him being a father.”

“How could you hide such a thing, especially when you are in a romantic relation and about to pop the question in front of the whole world?”

“To be fair, Salman sir also entered the house and tried to patch up things between the two.”

“He further muddied the water by telling Shefali Bagga about Rashami’s financial condition. The most important element in any relationship is trust. If you love someone, will you still wash their dirty linen in public?”

“Even if your intention was not wrong and you were just explaining your moral support, you still need to understand how it will be interpreted by the third person. And here you are, speaking before over 150 cameras. So I guess that is off kilter, for it sends a very wrong message to her fans all over the world.”

“To Rashami, just like her brother, I too would request her to take a pause. Marriage is a very big thing and what if he repeats the same mistake all over again. I don’t know what you feel for Arhaan, but for us sitting outside, it seems fake.”

“If you still feel he is your man, please go ahead, as it is your life.”

In closing, Sheetal, who has also done a Rajasthani show, gives a knockout punch to her baiters. “When I had first spoken out about Shukla, I was accused by the latter’s fan base for batting for Rashami and Arhaan. I am nobody’s mouthpiece and just say what I see and feel. My above POV should seal the debate.”

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