All is not well with Star Plus medical drama Sanjivani. There has been buzz that due to the low ratings, this Surbhi Chandana and Namit Khanna show might not last long.

There had been radio silence from the cast and production house (Alchemy Films Private Limited) regarding this till now.

However, finally Sayantani Ghosh broke her silence on the subject, saying, “While there is lot of off air talk going on in the industry, I don’t believe it, for I’ve faced it before with my Naamkarann stint, where we had been hearing similar news right from just 3 months of launch, and we all know how long it eventually lasted (2 years).”

“Rather than bothering about things above my pay grade, I am more bothered about my complex character. Dr. Anjali is the most real character in the show. It was a challenge to bring out her layered personality, lest she is perceived as negative,” says Sayantani, who is also doing a play with Sanjivani co-star Ronit Roy.

“She is very nice at heart. You also need to understand that she faces a lot of setbacks due to her principled father (Mohnish Behl). The father-daughter relationship is most complex.”

“But I am glad that I have been loved. It feels nice when fans write in, saying that they empathize with my character. It feels very nice when you get so much adulation and respect, despite not being the main lead. This builds the confidence of the actor within.”

“Whether the show lasts or not, we have to do our best”, she ended.