Aashay Mishra talks about his show Shubh Laabh - Aapkey Ghar Mein

As an actor, I have grown with my work experience: Aashay Mishra

Aashay Mishra, the young and talented boy, who rose to fame with shows like Pyaar Ke Papad and Story 9 Months Ki, is currently portraying the role of Vaibhav in Sony SAB’s show Shubh Laabh – Aapkey Ghar Mein. Talking about his experience shooting so far for the daily, Aashay said, “It’s been great. The journey gets better because of the co-actors, the team, the producers you are working with, and of course your character graphs. So overall, it’s been a delightful experience for me. I was a little skeptical when I replaced Manan after he moved out of the show because when you enter mid-way or if you replace someone it takes a lot of effort to convince the audience. I was wondering whether the audience will accept me as Vaibhav or not. But lucky me, people have accepted me and it’s been really great.”

When asked what he has learnt from the character, he added, “When it comes to learning, every character you play brings in a new shade, a new learning, a new experience altogether and this experience teaches you a lot. Every character in the show stands out. Every character has their own thoughts, their own perspective. Vaibhav stands out amongst the rest because of how well he is written. Along the journey of the show from a lazy lad to somebody who is doing well in his life, to again having no idea in which direction life is taking him and eventually realizing a lot of other things that lead him to make choices that help him embark on a journey that makes him who he really is.”

How is your equation with your co-star Tanisha off-screen? “I believe whatever equation you share off-screen it reflects on-screen. And we are really good friends. Even Karan, who’s playing Abhiraj’s character, we are great buddies. Me and Shreya bonded really well from day one so that’s the chemistry fans see. She is an actor of discipline. She is somebody who reciprocates and also somebody who understands, so your work as an actor becomes easy and playful,” mentioned the actor.

Lastly commenting on his strengths as an actor, he shared, “Also over a period of time, I as an actor have grown with my work experience, the kind of projects I have been involved in, the people I look up to, the mentors I have had and the kind of cinema I watch and the actors I follow. So it’s always an ongoing process and I am still enhancing my skills.”

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