Ashiesh Roy is enjoying his comic stint in Star Plus show…

Ashiesh Roy revisits comedy after 3 years with role in ‘Aarambh’

It’s laughter time once again for Ashiesh Roy, just coming off the tear-jerking role he portrayed as Ashok in Mere Angane Mein, as he takes on the avatar of Maaran Swamy in the acclaimed Rose Movies magnum opus Aarambh.

“As Mere Angane Mein was coming to an end, I was lucky to have been offered Aarambh,” states Ashiesh. And he confesses that he agreed to do the role for two reasons. “First, it was a Goldie Behl production, who gave me my first negative role 12 years ago in Remix, when I was trying to break out of comedy. And it is Goldie again who offered me a comic role when I am trying to get back to comedy. Second, I am getting a chance to do a project written by the writer of Bahubaali. There’s no way I could have refused it!’’

Ashiesh is very excited, as it’s the first time he’s doing a costume drama, and states with a straight face, “I am really keen to find out how much one can jump around wearing a dhoti, which is a difficult costume to negotiate!’’ Then, of course, comes the language issues, because most of the modern words hadn’t yet been discovered in the Dravidian era, which is where the show is set. So he is keeping his fingers crossed, and hoping that he can fit in.

That he seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself is evident. “There’s lots happening with my storyline…I’ve already made the hero my slave, been sold off by my wife on a donkey, sleep walked, fondled the princess, seen a ghost in the palace and got caught in an earthquake! Exciting stuff.”

Well, here’s wishing this exciting and ever so versatile actor all the best for his new project. Aarambh airs on Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 pm.