Adnan Khan the lead of Ishq Subhan Allah gets chatty about his interesting thoughts on our Rapid Fires.

I am attracted to intelligence and towards people who are real: Adnan Khan

Adnan Khan the good-looking handsome actor who is presently seen in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah is a man who is all grounded!! His simplicity is the best in him and he comes across as a warm and fun-loving guy.

In an interesting Rapid Fires segment, Adnan Khan gives us some honest yet tacky answers.

Check them here.

Would you date your fan: Ya, why not? If I like the person, it does not matter if it is a fan or anyone else.

How would someone get your special attention: I am not saying that (smiles). I am generally attracted to intelligence, and to people who are genuine, organic and real.

Your Favourite Movie: Oh, I refuse to answer this, as I have nearly 500 of them in my favourite list.

Do you sing in shower?: Yes, I do sing in the shower. Three days ago I was singing a popular 1960’s song. I am a very bad singer, so I sing only in the washroom.

Your Biggest / Weirdest Fear: I guess maybe being idiotic in front of the world. I am not telling you another weird fear for sure (smiles).

Your Superpower will be: Compassion

What would you like to be remembered as: I know what they will remember me as. But I wish I am remembered for making people smile.

The best compliment you have received: I had done something pretty nice for my entire unit of Ishq Subhan Allah. I do not want to get into details, but when I finished it, I went back to my room. People were thanking me, and that was when an actor friend of mine called me to her room. A child actor’s mother was there, and the looks on her face was very emotional. That was the biggest compliment and she felt good about it.

Your favourite destination: As of now, it has to be Indonesia. I love food, people and the climate. I want to go to Alaska. When I was 7 years old, my dad used to work for an International Printing Press. One of the books I saw was a silly book not for my age. I saw a photo of a few trees there; I do not remember much about the photo right now, but the feeling it gave me was very good. I always wanted to go to Alaska and see the forests out there.

Message for fans: You need to buckle up and help people as much as you can. You might have to give in from your savings, profits, from your time and patience. We are reaching a stage where you do not have excess. But it is fine, you need to try to help people.

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