Audiences are loving the fact that Ishika has become a homely pure bahu: Donal Bisht

Candid chat with Donal Bisht

Audiences are loving the fact that Ishika has become a homely pure bahu: Donal Bisht

Donal Bisht of Colors show, Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop, is a happy girl. Finally the character, which till now was not being appreciated, is turning over a new leaf.

“Earlier I would get a lot of viewer flak when a very strict Ishika would live life on her terms. She would brook no nonsense. But now post-marriage, she has mellowed down to being a homely, pure bahu, not losing her top as frequently as before.”

“Let’s face it, we are giving the audiences what they want. No wonder I am now getting loads of love. Now everybody wants a bahu like Ishika, who understands and cares for all.”

Talking about the current track, Donal says, “Much to everybody’s chagrin, Roop is now becoming like his father, drinking and abusing women. We don’t know why he is behaving like this. He insults Ishika and even burns her childhood memories. The truth is that he wants to save his ailing father, Shamsher Singh Vaghela (Yash Tonk) from the  bottle. However, his approach is wrong.”

Here Donal accepts that this current track goes against the grain of Roop, i.e. a sensitive dude who understands the concerns of women. “He is also ready to give up his dream of become a chef and is ready to join the police just like his old man.”

She also accepts that the track had deviated a bit earlier as well, “When the emphasis moved from Ki and Ka (house husband) to more family drama. I am really glad to have taken this character, for it has given me a lot to do. I have played with various above shades.”

Prior to this Rashmi Sharma production, Donal had played a completely different character in Sony supernatural show, Ek Deewaana Tha. “Even though Sharanaya was also a strong woman, her deal was totally diverse from the issues that my Roop character has to fend off. Ditto with Sakshi Deol in Kalash.”

In closing, Donal refused to comment about her love life. She is reportedly seeing TV director Prateik Shah. “I will only talk about it when I feel the time is right.”

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