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During the Roadies season 2 audition Raghu Ram asked Ayushmann Khurrana to show his real self…

Ayushmann Khurrana was told to get rid of his “put on charm”: Read more…

Ayushmann Khurrana is one of the finest actors in Bollywood who has done some of the best films with a challenging concept like sperm donation or same-sex marriages. The actor has wowed us with his amazing voice as well. We are aware of Ayushmann Khurrana being the winner of Roadies season 2. Roadies is considered to be a ruthless show where the tasks and stunts aren’t for weak-hearted.

Well, when Ayushmann went in for the audition, he said he deserved to be on the show as he would bring in the entertainment factor. However, Raghu Ram was unimpressed and told him to stop with the “put on charm” and showcase his real self. He told him that Roadies isn’t a place to display acting. When Ayushmann told Raghu Ram that in fact, his persona is cheerful, Raghu Ram went on to say that ‘ may God save you.’ Well, the dashing actor not only made it through Roadies, he actually won the season and his entry in Bollywood has been a kind of blessing as he is one terrific and bold actor who has done some amazing films with a message.

They say ‘be your real self and you will be at the pinnacle of success’, Ayushmann Khurrana proved it.

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