Marzi Pestonji in a candid chat with IndianWikiMedia

DID is baap of all dance reality shows: Marzi Pestonji

DID is baap of all dance reality shows, says choreographer Marzi Pestonji, who is known for his small screen appearance as judge on dance based shows.

He will be judging the new season of dance reality television show Dance India Dance (DID) on Zee TV.

Marzi has joined the show’s two judges Mudassar Khan and Mini Pradhan along with grand master Mithun Chakraborty. Marzi spoke to IndianWikiMedia about her experience on the show, as well as the changing dynamics of dance.

“DID is a baap of all dance reality shows. All these dance shows came after DID. Even the judges on the other dance shows are from DID. It’s like DID has its own place and rest other shows are standing on the other side of the table. I respect all dance shows. They all are great in their own capacity but DID was the one where it got originated. Hence I call it the baap of all dance reality show.”

Talking about the tough competition this season, Marzi stated, “Honestly, the dancers are very good but they can be better. The participations are not trained so it is good to train them because you can mould them accordingly. There will be tough competition. It has been amazing shooting for this season as I am judging along with people whom I know very well. We have Mithun Da too, so it will be fun.”

When we ask how has his life changed after being associated with DID, he averred, “I also learnt a lot from DID. I have worked with Shiamak so we have a way of working. Suddenly coming out of that comfort zone and doing something amazing in the choreography so that audience get hooked to the performance was difficult for me. And by each passing year I have experienced all these things so I can say it has been a learning experience.”

Marzi feels that dance has evolved over the years. “Staring from season 1 to season 6, there are a lot of new things that has wowed us and others too. Dance has evolved a lot. Now, kids are aware about all type of choreography. However, earlier the scenario was completely different. Stunts have also got involved in the dance. I feel it still has a long way to go.”

Well said Marzi!