Ankit Arora who is presently seen playing the main negative role in Colors’ show Kesarinandan gets to talk about his affinity to the baddie roles.

I have become a known name for negative roles now: Ankit Arora

Talented actor Ankit Arora is back to playing the baddie again on the TV screens!!

In Colors’ newly launched show Kesarinandan, produced by Abhimanyu Singh’s Contiloe Pictures, Ankit plays the step-brother of Hanumant Singh (Manav Gohil), who has evil intentions towards his brother.

Ankit is one actor who has effectively managed to play both the positive and negative roles to elan. Having said this, he always gets immensely noticed for his negative portrayals which was seen in the case of Phir Subah Hogi, Razia Sultan, Chakravarthin Ashoka etc.

Says Ankit, “I have become a known name for negative roles now (smiles). Having said this, there was no reason to decline this offer. First of all, it was coming from Contiloe, the production house that gave me the huge role in Chakravarthin Ashoka. Secondly, my character is very interesting and nice. My character of Johravar has a very nice graph and viewers will get to see why the man has become so very against his brother. Above all, my earlier negative portrayals have been in historical shows. And this is a today’s set up where I am seen as a typical baddie of the present day. This in itself gives a different flavour. I am an actor and my job is to entertain people. If people like me playing negative roles, I am fine with it. I am happy that I am getting good work.”

The biggest challenge for Ankit in this role is to handle the Rajasthani dialect. “It was difficult in the beginning, but I have managed to put in the required body language and mannerisms as per the dialect and character requirement.”

On his character he states, “There is a lot of jealousy and angst in the mind of my character towards my elder brother Hanumant Singh. Since he is the one who has inherited our father’s property, name and fame, Johrawar is upset. Also, Johrawar has always lived a life being called as the illegitimate child in the family. He has even attempted to kill Hanumant Singh in the past, but failed to harm him. He returns from jail in the first episode and gets back to his family. Now, he has decided to stay as his brother’s Lakshman, but will try to ruin him without his knowledge. He has also succeeded in harming Jagat which has left him handicapped. I look forward to the character growing with the story line. I am enjoying it.”

“The response to the show and for my role has been really good. I like my look in the show. The channel has promoted the show really well. We hope all our efforts get paid off,” avers Ankit.

Here’s wishing Ankit all the very best!!



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