Anjita Poonia who is part of Ishq Subhan Allah gets to talk about her role, on her bonding with the cast and team.

The best memory gets created at the lunch table of Ishq Subhan Allah set: Anjita Poonia

Talented youngster Anjita Poonia who is part of the successful Zee TV show Ishq Subhan Allah produced by Creative Eye is happy to be part of the show.

Says Anjita who essays the role of Alina Ahmad the sister of Kabir, “I feel really good being part of the show. We started work in January this year, and it feels amazing that we have already come close to the one year mark.”

Anjita feels that she is very similar to her onscreen persona. “She is a playful girl at the same time emotional too. I am also very emotional in real life. The only thing that separates me and Alina is that Alina takes help from her brother and family to take decisions. But I am quite independent and can take my own decisions.”

The girl shares great offsreen chemistry with one and all in the cast. “It feels like a family now. Whenever we are not shooting and have an off day, we really wait for the moment when we would get back on set. I refer to everyone by the character name they play; our bonds offscreen remain the same.”

This is Anjita’s second show on television, her first being Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV.

The best past time that the youngsters on the set of Ishq Subhan Allah have is to shoot videos and post them on Insta. “We all have fun shooting videos. Also we play a lot of pranks one another.”

Anjita has a lot of good memories from the set of the show. “There are many of them as there’s a lot happening everyday on the set. Having said this, the best memory gets created at the lunch table always. The entire team sits together for lunch and our talk sessions never cease (smiles).”

Best of luck, Anjita!!

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