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Parag Tyagi talks about his thoughts about Bigg Boss this season and on contestants. Read it here.

Some Bigg Boss contestants become inhuman while playing the game: Parag Tyagi

Last eliminated Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Zariwala, interestingly has just returned to the house as part of family and friend task, as once betta noir Paras Chabbra ‘s connection.

Shefali’s husband, Parag Tyagi had earlier blasted Paras for misbehaving with his wife.

When asked about the same, Parag said, “Shefali only agreed to bury the hatchet, for Paras had profusely apologized not only to her but even to me, when I had entered in the previous family task.”

“Even Paras’ mother apologized to me when she was in. When Shefali left, he again called her bhabhi, which is akin to being a mother. Being like an elder

brother, I sincerely hope that his private matters (Akansha Puri ) gets resolved, once he comes outside,” added Parag.

Here Parag admitted that Shefali was poking Asim, “But you need to understand that in Bigg Boss everybody needles, she too took a lot of garbage before hitting back.”

“Even Asim apologized to Shefali in front of host Salman Khan, but we can smell fake intentions from a mile.”

“What hurt is that in the name of playing the game, certain housemates become inhuman. I am not singling out Rashami Desai alone, but she did tell Sidharth Shukla that even if you were dying, I would not serve you water.”

“Seeing only one hour of footage, you don’t know the real deal. Some go to the extent of hiding contestants’ medicines, Shefali too bore a similar brunt.”

Talking about yesterday’s money task he said, “Big Boss took the right step for it was not possible to have such a difference in counting (Shehnaaz Gill’s brother, Shehbaaz changed this quote).

“Having said that what, Sidharth’s; connection, Vikas Gupta too did (grabbing the money) while might be correct in terms of strategy, was not done, for it piggybacked on Bigg’s Boss orders.”

“And even Sidharth asked Bigg Boss to recuse him from the captaincy bid, if Vikas was indeed wrong,” Parag said.

When asked as to who would win, he said, “While Shukla and Asim seem strongest as of now, I have a feeling that Arti Singh, with her smart, safe game, might at least reach the top three.”

“The game is now very delicately polished, and one mistake by anyone now could mean the whole equation might change on its head.”

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