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Kishwer Merchant gets talking about Bigg Boss this season and contestants.

Bigg Boss and Salman seem to be giving lot of leeway to Siddharth Dey: Kishwer Merchant

Bigg Boss 9 contestant Kishwer Merchant is a bit disappointed that Salman Khan and Bigg Boss are not taking action against erring contestants like Siddharth Dey (outburst against Aarti Singh).

“In yesterday’s episode, he was again very rude with Shehnaaz Gill. Let’s see what happens this weekend. During our time, when things went overboard, we were taken to task every weekend, but this time they seem to be given a long rope, with Salman going to the extent of saying that things were not as bad as they appeared outside.”

“As of now, only Siddharath Shukla, along with Shennaaz Gill, seems to be ruling the roost. No one else is seen independently of facing off with either of them. Whatever they are doing, good, bad or ugly, they are being seen and I too seem to like their stunts,” says Kishwer, last seen in Sony show, Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya.

“Mahira Sharma is only quarrelling with Siddharth Shukla. Devoleena Bhattacharjee either seems busy in the kitchen or is fighting with the former in the tasks.”

Here, she did not think that Devo slapped Sana in yesterday’s episode. “Agreed she threw things, but I don’t think that she clipped her.”

“Last but not the least, Rashami Desai needs to have a separate identity. Shukla is really playing the game well, banding together and trying to save team members (Aarti and Asim Riaz) from nominations. The only time he goes mad with rage is when someone tries to touch his wrong buttons. He then talks rudely and ends up pushing back.”

“Having said that, to accuse him of manhandling women in the task is also wrong, for even the girls instigate him. Even I have done the task with guys. He is just doing his job of stopping you from doing certain things. It would be a different matter if it happens outside the task or he tries to get over-friendly with any girl; then it is not done.”

“Sadly, there seems to be no attempt by anyone to thresh out issues amicably over a cup of coffee and normal talk, with the result that all the unresolved issues seem to come out in the task as aggression,” she says.

“While many may question Sana’s stunts, I think she is playing the game well. The most imp thing here is to be real.”

“This season is different than prior ones, for things started off super fast, with the first finale around the corner. Normally, the first two weeks were just wasted as inmates got to know each other.”


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