Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia are currently giving power couple vibes on social media since Bigg Boss 14 got over, and fans were all obsessed with their love story, which was all visible in the show.

Of now the two are even thinking of a future together and saying that Eijaz Khan has already met her family. Speaking of his experiences he had meeting her family for the first time, he said to TOI, “I had already met her brother in Mumbai. So this time, I met her mom and her dad. We spent some time together, and they were very welcoming. I didn’t feel that I was meeting them for the first time, probably because they have seen too much of me in Bigg Boss.”

He added, “It was nice, but next time I will open up a bit more. I had sweaty palms and was a little awkward. But I had already told Pavitra that if there are awkward silences, jump in and start talking.” As quoted by Bollywood Life.