Candid chat with Teejay Siddhu   

Bigg Boss will even condone violent players if they give required drama: Teejay Siddhu   

While some Bigg Boss fans are very angry at what they perceive as continuous favouritism being showered on Siddharth Shukla, e.g in the current transport task, where Shukla, despite pushing Mahira Sharma, is reportedly only being given a rap on his knuckles.

Shukla has also been seen verbally abusing women inmates on the show, especially Rashami Desai.

The precap on Monday night showed that Bigg Boss has suo moto eliminated Shukla, but new buzz suggests that he might just be nominated for the next two weeks as a warning. If this is true, it means nothing, for we all know via Twitter that Shukla is the highest vote getter, added a source.

The above fear has got further credence, when in last night’s precap, the same incident was repeated, but the punishment was not shown.

RJ Teejay Siddhu does not feel that Shukla is being particularly protected. “Rather, Bigg Boss by default will support anyone who gives drama, even if it means turning a blind eye to a little violence, thereby breaking its own rules. By that very token, I don’t think Shukla will be really penalized for his aggressions.”

Teejay, whose husband Karanvir Bohra was part of Bigg Boss last year, further added, “The biggest problem with the format this year is the absence of quality players. Most known celebs have already been used up in previous seasons.”

“Little wonder then that there is no chatter in the industry regarding this season. Ideally, they should have taken a break as planned and gone back to the drawing board,” ended Teejay.

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