Navina Bole talks about her recent hot photo shoot

My bold photos are sensual, not vulgar: Navina Bole

Till a few years back, most TV actresses would have baulked at the idea of doing bold photo shoots. But as they say, life evolves, and today the idea has become common place. The latest entrant to the club is Ishqbaaaz gal, Navina Bole. She recently posted this peek-a-boo, on her social media accounts.

IndianWikiMedia had a quick word with Navina, who denied having any agenda while clicking the pictures. “I just loved the concept that budding photographer Emma had in mind. Also, the picture is more sensual than vulgar. I will never wear a bikini or do vulgar stuff. Being very careful about my reputation, you will never see me going down that road, like the others. For me, sensual is fine, sexy is not; as I believe it is very important not to overdo stuff. It is always better to draw your line, as that is where the grace kicks in, lest things go for a toss.”

So what was the reaction of your better half? “He loved it, calling my look fabulous. Infact, he was around for part of the shoot.”

Looking ahead, Navina would not want to be part of a web series.“It involves lots of intimate stuff and skin show, which I am not comfortable with, unless it is something very big. To be honest, I’d rather kiss for a Yashraj film, than a web series.”

“Let’s be clear. While I am ok for, say, a jacket without a bra, I will never go the whole hog. I might go slightly out of my comfort zone, if I feel right.”

More power to you Navina.

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