Sana Makbul wowed us with her grand work in the show KKK 11, however, even though the diva marked foothold with her work, she was targeted by Rahul Vaidya’s fans since the first episode got on board.

However, later Sana and Rahul Vaidya sorted out and settled their differences. But now Sana has decided to keep her distance with the Bigg Boss 14 runner up and not talk to him again, calling his actions ‘Petty and kiddish’.

Sana said, to Sidharth Kanan “I post swimwear pictures, but I have never received a negative comment. All of a sudden, someone commented on my wall about Rahul and XYZ party – RKV and some XYZ party are fighting – and I was caught in the middle. I like all the comments to make fans feel like I’m paying attention. Me liking and retweeting that tweet was supposed to mean, ‘Haha, they didn’t think this girl could do it, and she did it’. So it wasn’t a direct thing to Rahul or anyone. And this was how it began.” As quoted by Koi Moi.