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You can’t compare Kawach Mahashivratri with its previous season: Namik Paul

Namik Paul, who plays Angad in Colors’ upcoming series Kawach Mahashivratri feels both seasons can’t be compared.

He says, “The story is different from season 1, you can’t compare with the previous season. The thrill, drama, romance is completely different hence when the story unfolds you will enjoy the show.”

“I am happy to be back as I was really missing the set and the environment that is there on the sets. I am trying to showcase a different character through this new avatar. Although it is a supernatural drama at some point in time, every story comes down to a love story so it’ similar,” adds Namik.

Commenting on his character, he shares, “I will be seen essaying the role of Angad, pure at heart, he is never shy of expressing himself. He never bows down to anything wrong but stands by the people he cares for. As a story of love and mystery, Kawach Mahashivratri will take viewers on a thrilling journey. How Angad and Sandhya fight through all odds, for their love forms the crux of this story.”

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