Dakssh Ajit Singh and Hemann Choudhary who have been castrated for the crime they have commited in the Colors show Laado speak about such a justice meted to rapists.

‘Castration’ is the fitting punishment to a rapist – Dakssh Ajit Singh and Hemann Choudhary

Actors Dakssh Ajit Singh and Hemann Choudhary are the best of buddies off the screen, and their sibling revelry has been quite popular on-screen in Colors’ Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani (Dhaval Gada Productions).

And now, the close friends are undergoing the same pain and sorrow of being castrated on the show, as a result of a deadly act of revenge coming from Anushka (Avika Gor).

Shown as the real ‘men’ in the show along with Ankit Raaj, the characters Rantej, Tej and Ranveer have been extremely ferocious in playing with women and physically abusing them.

Playing the one-of-the kind characters on television to be shown as castrated, actors Dakssh and Hemann are going with the flow of the storyline, believing that their characters will only be projected as strong in another way now!!

However, the two young men feel that for any rapist, castration is the fitting punishment as it puts to an end the torture that they throw upon young girls, by unleashing their manliness.

When contacted, Dakssh Ajit Singh told IndianWikiMedia.com, “This track seemed convincing to me the moment I heard it. Such a castration drama has never been shown on Indian Television before. Above all, I feel castration is a fitting reply to a rapist. Also by playing such a character, I get to play a different role, something that no actor has earlier tried playing. The show in a way will send out a message to the society that the rapists should definitely not be spared and strict action needs to be taken against such a crime against women.”

Hemann too echoed the same sentiments and said, “Rape is a huge crime and with the manner in which rape cases are increasing around us, makes everyone of us upset. At this juncture, the show gives out a very strong message of a severe punishment to the extent of castration being adapted to keep in check such a crime committed by men. Playing such a character is really a challenge for me. Yes, it is a sensitive track, but I look at it as a big scope for me to prove my potential. Also, I feel that castration is the best possible solution to tame rapists.”

Very well said, you both!! All the best for a new phase in the storyline of Laado!!


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