Pranav Misshra who played the angry young man in Zee TV’s Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi is back on TV with Colors’ popular show, Internet Wala Love produced by Sphereorigins.

In Internet Wala Love, Pranav essays the role of Karan, a magician by profession. He happens to be Aadhya’s father’s friend’s son.

For Pranav, this role is very different from the one he played in his Zee TV show. “Prem in Aisi Deewangi was very impulsive. There is a very thin line in being impulsive and reacting to a situation where it is needed. Karan is silent and poised. He is a man of few words; he talks and conveys through his eyes. And I found this to be very different. I am portraying it in a very unusual way. This helps me experiment more, and this role polishes my skills further.”

Pranav had kept himself busy with his travel plans in the last few months. “I spent quality time with my parents back home. The last year was very hectic for me. It feels nice to be back now.”

The talented actor feels that Ranveer Singh’s success on the big screen in the anti-hero role has created a trend of sorts. “The anti-hero thrives on every medium. And I want to experiment with as many diverse roles that I can get. Getting back to his role in Internet Wala Love, there is a kind of calmness in him. He knows very well that he has the power, but manages to do things by staying calm. I look forward to this cameo role of mine to grow.”

Wish you all the very best, Pranav!!