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My character in Krishna Chali London is yet to open up: Piew Jana

Talented and good looking actor, Piew Jana, who is currently doing Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London, is not yet sure of the graph of her character. “We started in May and now it is July, and yet there is no clarity as to whether Jhabbo is negative or positive.” She plays the married elder sister of the male lead, Radhe, played by Gaurav Sareen.

“I have spoken to the production house (Parin Multimedia) and am waiting for my track to open up. Our plot has lots of potential; we are all working very hard to lift the numbers. What I like best about our unit is that we have great camaraderie on set. I share a room with the lead, Megha Chakraborty, who is a sweet friend.”

Looking ahead, Piew, who has also done a movie, Mere Sai Ram, would love to do a lovable negative character, a la Komalika (Kasauti Zindagi Ki). “Although I am very sweet in real life, I would want to wreak so much havoc on screen, that my character is hated by one and all.” Her other shows have included Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon and Zindagi Ek Mahek.

“One of the main reasons for choosing a negative avatar is that the vamp has much more to do, as opposed to the dukhiyari female lead. It is also more fun to make someone cry on screen, rather than weep buckets yourself.”

“My negative character need not be a classical item girl, but someone like Jennifer Winget, who spoke with lots of class and attitude in Beyhadh. You might have very little to say, but that should be enough to make an impact. This is where a performer sets himself/herself apart from the crowd of actors. I am not one who will be happy just to fill up the canvas for per day.”

“Also, unlike most other gals, I have not come here to only become a lead. As a true artist, it is very important to do all types of characters. It is my dream to do an iconic role that will be remembered long after I am gone.”

Have a good career, Piew!!

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