Vikas Verma who will be entering soon in Sony TV’s Chandragupta Maurya talks about his role and his preparations.

My character Seleucus will go on to be the deadliest villain on television: Vikas Verma

Talented actor Vikas Verma has had a vast film career in which he has excelled playing the antagonist everytime he is put into a new challenge!!

Presently, he readies himself to play the cruel ruler, Seleucus in the Sony TV show, Chandragupta Maurya who came in after Alexander the Great and wanted to rule over India with his terminologies. The series is produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions.

Vikas who is well-versed in sword fighting and other attributes that a warrior needs to have, has been part of the popular show on Zee TV, Jhansi Ki Rani.

Says Vikas, “Seleucus is cruel and deadly. This character will be the deadliest villain seen on TV. I am totally prepared to play the role. Seleucus is handsome, the costumes given are great and I look good by all means. From tomorrow, I will start ruling (smiles).”

“For Vikas, playing a deadly character comes naturally as it is an exact contrast to how he is in real life. I need to get angry and cruel before the camera and get happy again when off the camera,” he states.

Vikas will do all that it takes to look the deadliest of the villains. “Movie is a natural path and you need to perform quite naturally there. However, this being a historical show, the performance needs to be over the top. Hence I will be changing my voice. I have also put on weight to look more deadly onscreen. I have also put up some scars on my face to authoritize his cruelness. I read a lot about Seleucus and got to know of his intentions to rule India his way. So all the readings have again helped me.”

Vikas who has played negative roles in movies Mom and Judwaa 2 shares an incident saying, “After my portrayals in the films, people in the clubs do not take a drink from me as they fear that I have mixed something in the drink (smiles).”

Talking about the negative effects of playing an evil character, Vikas states, “If people hate you, it means that you are doing well. I have died 45 times in my acting career as I portrayed the bad. The good part is that the villain is there because the hero is there. The villain gets deadly and only then, the hero can get brave. So they both go hand in hand.”

Way to go, Vikas!! Best of luck for Chandragupta Maurya.

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