Sunayana Fozdar preferred to take up juicy assignments coming her way

Continuous work alone hones our skills: Sunayana Fozdar

Sunayana Fozdar, currently seen in Colors show, Belan Wali Bahu, is one pragmatic actor. Unlike others who wait for ages before getting their second lead role, this girl, who debuted years back with Santaan, preferred to take up juicy assignments coming her way.

“Continuous work alone hones our skills, which can’t happen if you sit at home.” No wonder, this talented girl agreed to play different kinds of characters- be they negative (Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein),of a widow (Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat), of a good bhabhi, along with comedy (Yum Hain Hum), etc., over the years.

Coming to the light-hearted Belan Bahu, she says, “My selfish, lazy-bahu character comes up with weird excuses, like, a ghost is preventing her from doing house-hold chores, etc. I am sure many people will identify with Shalini’s selfie craze as well.”

“Doing the comic genre is always fun, for, you get to do much more than a good bahu or bhabhi. I am getting to improvise a lot, courtesy my decent sense of humour. Also, here we have great co-stars, like Sudhir Pandey, Mushtaq Khan and Bhavana Balsavar, from whom we can learn a lot.”

Is it right to show an 18-year-old Roopa (Krystle D’Souza) getting married to her brother-in-law? “Well, 18 is the legal age to wed; plus, she actually loves her husband.So, what is the fuss? Ladoo (DheerajSarna) too cares for her, but sadu men like him are unable to express their feelings.”

“Interestingly,we have also dealt with emotional portions, like Ladoo’s death, in a funny way. It makes you sad for a moment, but not more.” Ladoo becomes a ghost, and all hell breaks loose.”

Like other actors. Sunayana too would want to do lead roles, “But I am equally aware about the fact that though the show may begin with me as lead, the mantle will soon shift to my on-screen daughter. And I am also not comfortable playing a lady of 40-50 and becoming mother/mother-in-law to someone of my age.”

Sunayana is also game for web series.“They offer different kinds of stories, which are not possible on TV.” However, she puts her foot down when it comes to baring all in scenes.

Having said that, what if a real juicy character, along the same lines, comes her way? “I will cross that bridge when I come to it.”

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