Create drama, get noticed and be interesting: Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa Shinde’s tips for Bigg Boss 13 contestants

Create drama, get noticed and be interesting: Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde

On the eve of yet another Bigg Boss season, we spoke to season 11 winner Shilpa Shinde on what she feels that the current lot should do or not in the locked Film City house.

“Many contestants, like in my season, entered with plans but most of them don’t work as Bigg Boss is smarter. You need to get one thing clear, no one will pay you to have a good time for three months. The housemates are chosen on the basis of possible drama  which will be created due to mixing  of different personalities and subsequent tasks.”

The Bigg Boss creative team consists of psychologists who monitor every move of the inmates.  During my time they held 90 minutes  discussion with all contestants,  trying to find out what makes or break us, I was asked what I will do to win?”

Interesting, further she adds, “The only thing that eventually holds you in good stead, is being true to yourself.  You might even lose your cool and say something in the heat of the moment, luckily that too will not be held against you, if you try to better yourself.  It is all about how interesting is your journey appears to the audiences at home.”

True that.

“Some contestants try to play too safe which too goes against them, as then lack of drama turns the audiences off, like season   12 contestant Neha Pendse refusing to get involved in the daily affairs saying I have a bad temper ,so if I enter things will really get messy. You don’t need to go all guns blazing, but at least get noticed. Little wonder she got eliminated early (fourth week).”

“To be honest, none of the last season contestants were for real, all had come with pre-set agendas. No wonder they failed to win the hearts of the audiences as we did back in 2017.Also let’s face it, none of them,  sans Karanveer Bohra were  big names either.”

In closing Shilpa does not believe in the maxim that most Bigg Boss contestants have not accomplished post exit. Take a look at my case, had I not already made a splash before entering what more to do after coming out.   And it do get several offers just that I am not kicked about going to work in this environment.”

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