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Manasi Parekh speaks about her acting career, raising a kid and more…

Creative people are always looking for challenges– Manasi Parekh Gohil

The stunningly gorgeous Manasi Parekh Gohil, who was last seen depicting her acting prowess in in Shitty Ideas Trending’s ‘Bin Bulaye Mehmaan’, is a girl of many talents. She is a singer who has been on reality shows and has cut her own album, a television actress who has acted in TV serials (Gulaal, India Calling, Sumit Sambhal Lega) and also performed at the Globe Theatre London.

Handling successful careers in multiple fields can truly be stressful as well as tricky. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience to achieve this feat. “I started singing classical music from the age of four. I have participated in many competitions as a child artist. I started working in TV shows and later signed Star Ya Rockstar. Singing has been my first passion and I have also released my single just six months back named Tum Bhi Na starring Sumeet Vyas. I am active in theatre space and have acted in Mayo Piyu Gayo Rangoon which opened in the Globe Theatre London,” beams Manasi.

She was recently seen in online channel Shitty Ideas Trending’s ‘Bin Bulaye Mehmaan’ which is a humorous web series.

“Chhavi (Mittal, founder at SIT) is a good friend of mine. We met during the show Star Ya Rockstar, thus she asked me if I could play the part last year but because I was pregnant I couldn’t. This year I was approached again and I said yes, on the condition my baby would be on the set,” giggles Manasi.

Being a mother is a job in itself and we all know how tedious it can get. Raising your child is a gift from heaven itself but when the toddler is on the set while you are acting it may not seem like one. Managing everything with a busy schedule and the baby to take care of can be a handful job. “It is a challenge in itself no doubt. But there are many examples of other actors doing it as well. Taking care of your baby while on shoot requires a lot of planning and co-ordination but it is definitely not impossible. I have to make sure that the baby is okay because if the baby is happy then I am happy and if the baby is sad then I am sad. It also affects your performance while acting.”

Acting in Bollywood movies, Tamil cinema, television, drama and now web series she seems like a girl who has done it all. Let’s figure out what is her next step. “All creative people are always looking for a challenge and I am one of them. Now that I have a baby I feel wiser, aware, and alert. I think that my acting skills have improved after I have had my baby. So, I will be looking at all the challenging prospects and try to take them head on.”

She is kind-hearted as well as daring and looking for opportunities. We wish her best of luck for all her future endeavours and may her daughter Nirvi reach further heights of glory and success.

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