Dil Se Dil Tak handled the one man- two women tale with lots of grace: Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin is contented with the run of her Colors show.

Dil Se Dil Tak handled the one man- two women tale with lots of grace: Jasmin Bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin is not disappointed with the news of her Colors show, Dil Se Dil Tak, going off air. It had a great run of nearly a year and a half. I really enjoyed working with the entire team, right from the cast, production house, to the channel.”

Looking ahead, she wants to take a quick break before getting back into the groove. “I can’t sit at home for long,” says Jasmin, who had earlier done Zee TV’s Tashan-e-Ishq and a few films down South.

Ask about Dil Se Dil Tak’s concept of one man and two women, and she says, “We handled it with a lot of grace. The lead male character was not a bad man; he was not out to have fun with two women. Circumstances put the three of them in this awkward position. Had we wanted, we could have followed the normal template of making one woman bad and the other good; but we chose to be realistic, that sometimes life gets complicated.”

“Personally speaking as well, I would not condone a man having fun with two women at the same time.”

Talking about co-stars, she did not want to compare Siddharth Shukla with Rohan Gandotra, who replaced the former as male lead, for supposed tantrum-throwing. “Each actor is different and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Creatively as well, I got a chance to play something different from your normal sati-savitri heroine. It was a risk, but it paid off handsomely, getting lots of love and support from the audience. I am proud of my journey.”
Point out that Rohan quoted that the show shut down because audiences did not warm up to the one man two women story, and she replies, “I don’t comment on what other says. I still stick to what I said above.”

Taking that argument further, had they followed the old black and white template, would the show have lasted longer? “I am just an artist, and don’t feel it right to interfere in the creative process, which is not my forte. I too would not like someone telling me how to act.”

Besides TV, she is game for doing web series as well. “Having said that, I am not desperate to go digital. The character has to be meaty enough. I also have certain limitations regarding skin show.”

Way to go, Jasmin!!

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