I don’t relate to my character in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Kenisha Bhardwaj

In conversation with Kenisha Bhardwaj

I don’t relate to my character in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2: Kenisha Bhardwaj

Pretty Kenisha Bhardwaj, who is currently enchanting audience in Ravindra Gautam’s Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 on Star Bharat, says she was initially hesitant to take up the show.

She shares, “When I got to know that there is a show called Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2, I was not at all interested in the show. When the first season was on-air, I was busy with other show, so I could not watch it. I thought the show to be a mytho show and I was required to wear heavy costumes and jewellery for it. But when I auditioned, I found it quite interesting. This show is totally different from other saas-bahu dramas which we normally watch on Indian television. I have played a bahu’s role before in my previous shows. But when I got a call for this one, I felt I will get to do something different.”

Kenisha believes that her character doesn’t relate to her real life. “I am very spiritual and I believe in energies. So, I think that if there is positivity, there will be negativity as well. There was a time when I used to be very naive but now, I have changed. I am not that kind of girl who would believe in any superstitious ideas. I need logic in each and everything, even if someone comes and tells me that they love me, I might question them as well. So basically, I don’t relate to my character at all.”

Talking about the bond with co-stars, she says, “I bond the most with Revati (Sonia Singh) and with Rajmata, who is essayed by Vineeta Malik ji. I am sharing my makeup room with her. She is so calm and composed, even if anyone comes and tells her that the shoot will get extended by 2 to 3 hours, her reply is ‘Okay’. I mean even at this age, she is so dedicated towards work. Other than her, Sonia is my darling. I bond really well with her. She takes care of me on the set. Ahwaan is also a very close friend of mine. He is like my best friend.”

When asked about  her experience working with producer/ director Ravindra Gautam, she adds, “When I met him for the first time, I was quite amazed to see that such directors also exist. Ravindra sir’s persona is so positive, his vibe is so strong. Even if we go and give him suggestions or ask him whether we can add something in our scene, he always appreciates it. I have seen directors who ask actors to do what they want us to do, but he is just so different. He considers our ideas and appreciates them. He is the producer of the show but he behaves like a very normal person with us. He is such a genuine person, even his wife is very genuine. You don’t feel like you are working with such a big producer or director because he creates a very positive atmosphere and it actually makes me feel like family. He talks less but whenever he talks, I feel like listening to him.”

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