Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala who has recently entered Colors’ Bepannaah, talks about his role and his character’s importance in the show.

I don’t think people will be able to hate Arshad much because he is a very nice guy: Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala

Actor Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala who has very conveniently slipped into the character of Dr. Arshad in Colors’ popular show, Bepannaah (Cinevistaas Ltd) is happy with the character graph that he has been promised in the show.

Taher who has entertained audiences in movies Fan and Naam Shabana has earlier been part of the TV show, Nisha aur Uske Cousins.

Says Taher, “There are many reasons for me to take up Bepannaah. First of all, the concept of the show is very unique. It is about two couples, wherein the boy and girl on both sides were having an affair outside marriage. Now the show is at a stage where the other boy and girl who have turned into best of friends have seen a new angle, with the boy developing feelings for the girl. However, there is a new angle of an arranged marriage-set up being planned for the girl. This is where my character comes into the picture. Harshad (Chopda) and Jennifer (Winget) are great co-stars to be working with. The creative team is very good. Overall, I am enjoying playing Arshad.”

The best part about Arshad according to Taher is that he is a complete feminist. “Arshad is like the epitomy of perfection. There are no flaws at all in the man and he is a total feminist. This is what amazes me. To tell you more, I am quite similar to Arshad in terms of the feminism angle. I come from a family of very respectful people. The only difference is that I am not as boring a person as Arshad is (smiles). To tell you more, I am a mixture of Aditya and Arshad in real life.”

Taher who has tasted success on the big screen with his movies feels that, “Limelight for me is very subjective. I have recently been part of films Fan and Naam Shabana, wherein both got me a lot of accolades. Having said that, I am in no hurry for offers on TV. The show has to be really good to appeal to me. Bepannaah is exactly a show I was looking for.”

Taher in addition to being a Writer for films also has a company of his own, RAT Films, which is into ads and feature film production.

Adds Taher, “Now that I am acting, my complete focus will be on Bepannaah. It has been an amazing start here. For the next ome month or more, there will be lots happening with my character being focussed upon.”

Ask him about the viewers’ reactions, basically when he has come in between Aditya and Zoya in the show, and he states, “Well, they were earlier very pissed off and wondered why he has come in between the leads. But when viewers saw how good a character I am, they calmed down a bit. Now 50 percent of people feel that though I am good, I need to walk out of Zoya’s life and find another girl for myself (smiles). As for my thought process, I don’t think viewers will be able to hate the character much because he is a very nice guy. As for the logistics of the show, you never know what will happen next. But Bepannaah is a show that holds on to the logic factor much. I would love to play negative, but there is nothing like this happening as far as I know.”

Best of luck, Taher!!

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