Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena’s friendship has a classic ‘enemies turned to friends’ plotline.

Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena – TV Rivals turned Friends!

Friendships and catfights are a staple in the entertainment industry. Actors’ being friends and then turning into rivals is something you hear about often. While sometimes, rivalry turns into a new friendship.

Now, you may coo and fawn over your favourite jodi’s on-screen chemistry, it may not necessarily mean their personalities mesh off the screen as well. In fact, you may be disappointed to know that sometimes these actors can’t stand other after the cameras stop rolling. While some make up after the show ends, others never turn into friends.

Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena - TV Rivals turned Friends!

Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena who starred alongside each other on the popular Colors TV serial “Madhubala -Ek Ishq Ek Junoon” is one such reel-life couple who couldn’t get along well at all.

Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena - TV Rivals turned Friends! 1

During the filming of Madhubala, there were often rumors coming from the sets about how the two disagreed and argued with each other many times. Unlike other TV stars that choose to not comment on it, Drashti and Vivien had made their personal rivalry quite well-known in the public eye.

Rumors suggest that TV actor Vivian Dsena was unhappy about the unequal treatment given on the sets and the channel choosing to put in more efforts into promoting Drashti Dhami. It was said, one of the major reasons for Vivien quitting Madhubala was due to the difference in pay between the two lead actors.

TV actress Drashti Dhami also made her dislike known for the actor when she took a dig at him in an interview calling him a Mr. Known it All in the telly industry and also followed it by claiming that she will never work with him again. Oouch!

There was so much bad blood between the two that, on the day of the wrap-up party, Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena confronted each other and exchanged some not-so-pleasant words. Well, that certainly couldn’t have ended very well.

Letting bygones be bygones!

Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena - TV Rivals turned Friends! 2

The end to their cold war came in when Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena attended the wedding reception of mutual friends, Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik. The TV rivals left everyone surprised when they were seen mingling and even clicking pictures together at the event.

Drashti Dhami & Vivian Dsena - TV Rivals turned Friends! 3

Drashti, in an interview, denied having any personal clashes and even called Vivien a ‘Fab Guy’. She further stated that if a good script came along she wouldn’t mind working with him again.

Now that’s one celebrity friendship we would love to see blossom!

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